Terms and Conditions

Sandia Silver wants to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We are happy to provide references to demonstrate our focus on good service.

We offer exclusivity as long as it works to our mutual benefit and will not supply two shops in the same town without prior consultation and reasonable notice.

Your first order is subject to a minimum of 250 after which there is no minimum for reordering. We request payment for first orders in advance and within 30 days of our invoice for subsequent orders. We reserve the right to charge interest on outstanding invoices after 30 days but will not do so without advance notice.

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  • We’d love to see you…

    Our 2012 collection will be on show at the Scottish Trade Fair in Glasgow's SECC between 22-24 January.

    Can't wait? Call Angelica on 020 7228 9414 to arrange for her to call and see you.